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Free Shipping On Orders Over $95!
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Store Tour

Thanks for stopping by D.G.Moorland & Co. and asking for a tour. I love showing people around our virtual store, answering questions, and helping them better understand what makes D.G.Moorland & Co. special.

Let's stroll shale we?

Our Virtual Aisles:
Learn how we've categorized our products on D.G.Moorland & Co. within our main navigation.

  • New Arrivals: Over here is where you can find our latest goods. We update our inventory regularly. New stock arrives at the store monthly, seasonally. On occasion, we'll add a few products weekly.
  • Best Sellers: We have a shelf here where we like to showcase some of our most popular selling products. This will help you narrow down what you may be looking for based on what's been most popular from our patrons.
  • Apparel: This is pretty straight forward, but if you're looking for shirts, shorts, jackets, shoes, and other clothing, you can find that here.
  • Accessories: Bags, hats, wallets, watches, and more are all over in this area. You'll also see that you can view products by best settlers here as well.
  • Home: If you're searching for home goods, you'll find all of that right here.
  • Lifestyle: Items for electronics, technology, outdoor, etc. are all found in our aisle dedicated to lifestyle.

Our Customer Service, Support, and Feedback Desk:
We know you may have some questions as you stroll the store. So, here's what you need to know about Customer Support.

  • Live Chat: During core hours, the best way to reach us is through this Live Chat. No matter your question, we'll work hard to get in an answer for you. At any time, click the "Have a question?" tab to the right of the store. It's important to note that even if the chat is closed, don't hesitate to leave us a note. We may have just stepped away from the desk quick, but we'll respond asap. When leaving a message, the more information you're happy
    to provide, the better.
  • Contact Us: If you need to contact us directly, you can find all of our contact information on this page. Send us an email direct at or submit your message via the contact form. It's worth noting that, we check this mailbox daily here at D.G.Moorland. Usually, in the morning right when the store opens. It's possible we'll also check it before closing for the day, so you won't have to wait too long for a reply.
  • Shipping: Our most frequently asked questions in regards to shipping can all be found on this page. Remember, if you're not seeing what you're looking for, please get in touch with us. We want to ensure this information is accurate.
  • Track Order: We never want you to be left in the dark with any purchase you make here at D.G.Moorland & Co., so we've made it easy for you to track your order (right to your door) once it's shipped and you've received your tracking number.
  • Returns: It happens. You buy a product, and it's not what you expected, doesn't fit, or worse (but rare) it gets lost or damaged on the way to its final location. This page will explain everything you need to know about our 30-day no-risk return policy, frequently asked questions and the steps you need to take to initiate a return. Know that it's essential to us that we provide you with the best experience we can for returns. Returns are never fun (especially for a small business like us), but we want to ensure that we can come to the best resolution possible for both parties and we do so as efficiently as we can.
  • Feedback: This page is super important to us. We want your feedback (early and often). This feedback is used for us to improve our products and service. Happy with the job we're doing? Tell us. Not satisfied? Tell us. You can leave feedback in three ways. You can ring our virtual "Great Service Bell" on the way out of the store to let us know you enjoyed your service while visiting us. Drop a note in our suggestion box or shoot us a direct email. Either way, we get notified of all feedback. Yes, we read through it every week and respond to all of it.
Our Checkout Counter:
  • Checking out: Whenever you're ready to check out, bring your basket or cart full of items to the counter and cash out. We accept most forms of online payments and are a secure platform (Note our McAfee secure badge on the bottom right of our store). So feel free to shop with confidence. Be sure to also look around the counter before you complete your order for any other last minute items you may find helpful or that compliment any of your products. We'll make some recommendations to spark curiosity as well.
  • Coupons and Sale Items: In most cases, our coupons and discounts are taken off automatically when you check out.  But not always. Be sure to check. For example, If your order is eligible, Free Shipping promos should show up and be deducted right away. If not automatically, you should be able to select it under your shipping options when you check out. You can also add a manual coupon or promo code if you have one. If you're trying to use multiple coupons, the system will default to the best available deal.
  • Registering an Account: If you want to speed up your check out process during a future visit, register for an account here on D.G.Moorland & Co. and skip the line. We can store information for you to use at check out later. Beyond speed, we can hold items for you in your very own wish-list. I share more benefits of registering for a D.G. Moorland & Co. account under our customer appreciation section.

Customer Appreciation:
We value our customers the most. You all ensure we can stay in business. Because of that, we like to show our appreciation and do so in the following ways: 

  • The Patron Program: If you shop here often, we encourage you to sign up for our Patron Program. This is our free loyalty program. By enrolling in this program, you earn points when you sign-up, shop and tell your friends about us. Heck, you can even earn points on your birthday. These points are then redeemable for discounts across the store. Beyond points, Patron Program members are eligible for exclusive discounts, events and more.

    You can enroll in the Patron Program by registering for an account at Checkout or by clicking the "Gift Box" icon at the bottom left of the store.

  • Customer Appreciation Days: From time to time, we'll throw customer appreciation days. These days are when we open the doors early for our Patron Program members (and families), offer store-wide sales, have ice-cream and hang out together.
Our Community Center:
  • The Newsletter: This is where you can keep up with what's going on here at D.G.Moorland & Co. We'll send you updates on the community and notify you of any new products, sales, promos or events happening. It's our general news bulletin, and I encourage you to subscribe so you can be in the know. If at any time you want to stop receiving the newsletter, you can unsubscribe and we'll stop sending it to you.
  • Facebook: Our Facebook page is another excellent place for you to stay updated, get inspired, shop, and connect with other D.G. Moorland customers and staff. I will confess, we're a tad new to this social media platform, so we're learning, but it's a growing community and can't wait to have you join us there.
  • Testimonials and Reviews: We love to highlight stories and reviews from our customers. We share product reviews on our product pages, but also like to hang great stories of customer service throughout the store for all to see. So send us your stories and reviews so we can get them posted for you!

About Us:
As we wrap the tour, I encourage you to learn more about us by reading our story. I also want to thank you for your time and share with you our guiding principles. We use these principles to ensure we're always staying true to our goals and providing you with the experience you expect from us.

  • Authentic: We seek to be authentic and real at all times.
  • Valuable: Whether it's in our words, experiences, or products we're value-focused first.
  • Connected: We strive to communicate and connect with our customers.
  • Curious: We stay curious. What works for our customers or us today may not work tomorrow.
  • Open: We strive for transparency where we can and ensure our customers join us coauthors of our story and journey.


D.G. Moorland - Store Owner