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Free Shipping On Orders Over $95!
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How are we doing?

Thank you in advance for providing us with your feedback. We use the results of this feedback to improve our customer service and product offerings. Below are two ways you can give us feedback.

1. Ring our customer service bell. If you enjoyed your overall experience while visiting the store, just let us know by ringing the bell below! We'd also appreciate it if you share your feedback and experience with your friends! Although it's anonymous, we get notified of every bell that gets rung at D.G.Moorland so feel free to ring away. We'll hear it. It sure is motivating.  


2. Drop a note in our suggestion box. Drop a note in our suggestion box. Need to get more specific with your feedback? We encourage it and ask that you, please fill out the below form.

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3. Send your feedback directly. Send your feedback directly. If you want to contact us directly with feedback or have questions, please email us