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Our Story

Every Saturday growing up, I used to go with my dad to breakfast, and on the way back home, we would stop at a neighborhood general store. My dad would talk with the owner for what seemed like hours. While my dad chatted with "Mike from the general store" as we called him, my brothers and I would play with the many items that we found in the store. It was an adventure. This general store had it all. It was eclectic. This store primarily sold tools and hardware, but it also carried a small collection of clothes, home decor, and lifestyle products. More or less anything that Mike could sell. Even selling some neighborhood finds for friends.

As boys, we had our hands in it all. As we played, other fathers would file in with their children. They had coffee in hand, a smile for Mike, a handshake for my dad and a pat on the head for us boys. Mike's general store was where mostly the dads would would go to purchase simple goods and feel connected to the community. It was a gathering place — the inspiration for D.G.Moorland & Co.

My goal is to create a little pocket on the web where you not only discover new products that are useful to you, but I also want you to feel connected to a community. A community that takes you back to the days where you felt seen and heard. A place that offers the same quality, community, and service that everyone in my neighboorhood got from Mike's hometown general store way back 30+ years ago.

At D.G.Moorland & Co. the door's always open. I invite you to explore the shop. Look around, get curious, give me feedback, and help me build towards the vision above. In return, I promise to provide you with the best collection of goods, customer service, and an authentic experience one shop owner can offer.

I'll leave you with this. Just like Mike, every morning, I get up, attend to the family, and then head to my office to unlock my virtual general store. With coffee in hand, I tidy up, personally address every email from the night before, check inventory, and await my first customer of the day. As you arrive, I'm here to meet you with a smile, answer any questions you have about our products and chat with you about your day.

At days close, I tidy up, address emails, lock the door, and then I thank every one of you who purchased a product that day. It's because of you that I can keep D.G.Moorland & Co. open and show my daughter how a modern online small business can operate.

I'll see you tomorrow.

D.G. Moorland - Store Owner